Elderflower/Ginger + Gin


Price: €5.50


Elderflower and ginger are two contrasts that meet each other in this refreshing cocktail. The spicy taste of the insisting ginger is countered by the Danish summer’s aromatic elderflower. Combined with an incredible gin they create a fine balance between the potent and the delicately sweet flavours.

Water, elderflower, gin, sugar, lemon and ginger
Alcohol: 8,5%

Nohrlund served in a 200 ml glass bottle with screw cap is the perfect size for drinking directly from the bottle. If you choose to serve it on ice in a cocktail glass, the content translate into 1,5-2 cocktails at a standard size of 100-125 ml. ex ice. The 200 ml size is useful at venues where the serving must be quick. The small bottles are a great success at festivals and concerts with a large audience. The bottles are easy to handle – and the shape of the bottle and the screw cap make it a ‘dance-friendly’ cocktail, which do not spill, even if it should tilt while standing in the grass.

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