Strawberry/Rhubarb + Vodka


Price: €5.50


Nohrlund with strawberry and rhubarb is the taste of our grandmother’s garden in the summer. Only the most ripe and sweet strawberries are allowed access to a place where they are combined with crisp rhubarb and a complex vanilla. To preserve the sweet taste of summer and bring forth the gentle warmth in the body, a premium vodka is added.

Water, strawberry, rhubarb, vodka, sugar, lime and vanilla
Alcohol: 8,5%

Nohrlund served in a 200 ml glass bottle with screw cap is the perfect size for drinking directly from the bottle. If you choose to serve it on ice in a cocktail glass, the content translate into 1,5-2 cocktails at a standard size of 100-125 ml. ex ice. The 200 ml size is useful at venues where the serving must be quick. The small bottles are a great success at festivals and concerts with a large audience. The bottles are easy to handle – and the shape of the bottle and the screw cap make it a ‘dance-friendly’ cocktail, which do not spill, even if it should tilt while standing in the grass.

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